Eight ‘Grand Challenges’ For Our Time, And How I Can Help You to Address Them

Prof Jeffrey Sachs, American economist, academic, public policy analyst and former director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University, has identified eight Grand Challenges for our time[1]:

  1. Any successful city needs to be a skilled and learning environment.
  2. “E-everything“: we need high-quality fibre/wireless for all services, payments, governance, voting, etc.
  3. “Clean up after ourselves“: we need to refuse, reduce, re-use, recycle
  4. We need dense, mixed, walkable cities
  5. All cities need to reach Zero Carbon and be electric by end of C21
  6. We need a share economy: “Diplomats uptown and markets downtown need to collaborate” to generate an innovative, socially-just economy
  7. We need resilient infrastructure for climate change. Cities need to strive towards UN Sustainable Development Goals

Cities need to strive towards UN Sustainable Development Goals


[1] Comments made at the UN 71st General Assembly in New York, September 2016

How I can help you to get there

  • By helping you to engage communities, governments, researchers” to “By supporting you to engage communities, governments, researchers.
  • I collaborate with busy planners, councillors and policymakers develop rigorous, useful information that is grounded in the contributions and expertise of communities and local partners.
  • I help to generate collective impact to address complex social issues. I do this by building collaboration across sectors and groups who share a common interest
  • I build Partnerships that generate useful knowledge, action and policy. These partnerships:
    • integrate research, learning and practice
    • are community-engaged: involving citizens, policy makers, practitioners and knowledge brokers
    • are policy-relevant
    • use research methods relevant to policy makers
    • are interdisciplinary
    • are linked to active dissemination, and
    • are linked to action


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